I’ll take Rabid Consumption for 500, Alex.

Had an appointment with the ME/CFS clinic at one of the hospitals downtown.   No information I didn’t already know and no real hope for treatment, but it was amazingly refreshing to talk to a doctor who was actually a specialist in this area.  I liked her.  She knew her stuff.  And she certainly got to see me in pretty rough shape by the end of it.  At the very end of the appointment, I got asked to walk a tightrope line while counting back by sevens, which apparently I’m completely incapable of doing simultaneously now and not all that great at doing one at a time either. My math degree is crying a little.  I’m pretty sure I never officially earned any degrees in walking, but I suspect that if I did they might shed a few tears of shame too.

Hopefully her report to my family doctor will help her feel more confident when interacting with my disability insurance folks. Downside is that I’ve been pretty much out of commission since then, from the combo of riding in the car and the four hours of talking.  We actually sprung for a hotel room beside the hospital so I wouldn’t have to get up early and do both sets of car ride plus the appointment on the same day.  And I gave in to the overwhelming thirst afterward and drank a truly obscene quantity of water and electrolyte beverages (you might not think that water could be obscene, but I assure you that I managed), which seems to have made a sincere difference.  Some before we left, then more in the car, then a pile more again once we got home.  The Australian guidelines for ME mentioned mild overhydration as one of the ways to help prevent or lessen the severity of a crash, and my gut says that there may be something to that (Almost literally my gut.  And my throat.  And my mouth), since I suck down water like a forty-foot-long camel discovering waterfalls for the very first time (this analogy may not actually be as anatomically accurate as I imagine, but my extensive experience with camels leads me to believe the scene would be quite jubilant).

So I’m not as bad off as I could have been, but I still feel overall very much like crap.  Like a truck full of viral research backed over me three times instead of ten.  Back to feeling like my head is slowly setting on fire when I try to type things.  But at the same time bored enough to want to share awkward camel analogies with the world.  That stuff is important.

In related news, there are a few places that it’s great to be while consuming obscene quantities of fluids  (…Or at least, I assume there must be.  I can’t say, truly, that I’ve ever found myself in a particular location thinking “You know… This would be an amazing place to drink a lot of fluids!”  Maybe I just don’t get out enough.).  At any rate, if ever you find yourself on Jeopardy, and the clue is something along the lines of “what is a great place to drink more than 2L of water in a half hour or less”, I’d suggest against answering with “in a car, on the highway, during slow-moving traffic, with no convenient bathrooms nearby!”  …Partially because that’s sort of a weirdly specific answer for Jeopardy, but also because you’d be wrong.

At any rate, if I’m not as visible for the next while, that’s why.  Still here, still thinking all sorts of brilliant things that I’ll never post, and some vaguely interesting ones that I might someday.  Just by necessity focusing on recovery for the time being.  If I don’t check in before then, have a great holiday.

(though you’re still allowed to have a great holiday if I do)

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6 Responses to “I’ll take Rabid Consumption for 500, Alex.”

  1. Kristal says:

    xoxo! Merry Christmas, Cali. I miss ya, girl!

  2. If By Yes says:

    I’m impressed you were able to walk. Period.

    Sevens are evil. I never could get the hang of sevens.


    Merry Christmas.

    P.S. I’m relieved that the math question I need to answer this post doesn’t involve sevens.

  3. CynthiaO says:

    Well hurray for a doctor that at least made you feel confident in her knowledge level. That has to be something, right? You guys have a super great Christmas too! Love you!

  4. E. Milo says:

    I think, even though I don’t know you, you’re one of my favourite friends! Honestly, I’m so grateful to have met you. I know you’re trying not to weigh your blog down with the horrors of this disease, but I love your writing even when you show the stark reality. I can’t wait until we can laugh our asses off around a dinner table some night. Maybe we’ll be little old ladies, but it’s still something to look forward to…

    If you gleaned any good info or advice from the doc, share when you can. Happy Christmas, Curiosity & hubby!

  5. Keep on keepin’ on, girl! If it makes you feel any better, I’ve told my son before to count backwards by threes to help him fall asleep. It’s a supposed sure-fire thing. If I were to try this? Mah brain would kick into overdrive as I attempted to make it compute numbery things. Backwards numbery things, no less. *shudder*


    Okay, I can’t even do the simple “prove you’re not a robot” math problem at the bottom of this page. Gah.

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