Are you my mom or step-father? You should probably close your eyes, then. This post is broken. It causes blindness. And hives. And it’s full of pictures of regurgitated food. On spiders. Singing Ke$ha songs.

…Though I suppose that defense only works if they know who Ke$ha is.

Confession:  I don’t even really know who Ke$ha is.  I am seriously out of date on overplayed pop stars.   Defenses failed.

This is going to be a shorter update than I’d like to give, but it’s the best I can do at the moment.  Physically, am hanging in there.  Have been a bit extra burnt lately.  Of course, there are all kinds of things I’d like to say about this, but the fact that I’m burnt already means I probably shouldn’t.  ;) The overall trend is still going in the right direction, though, and I seem to have a more solid grasp every day of how to keep it that way.

Have been under huge strain for the past few weeks, though.  My husband and I are trying to get my mother and her husband out of their current (very poor) situation, and into somewhere safe and secure and where they’ll be okay from here forward.  And that involves moving them.  And we need to do the house purchasing, because they’re not yet in the country.  And we need to find a way to reliably get one of them into the country, which might be difficult (but immigration will not give a straight answer about it or tell us anything about their chances, only “fill out the forms and we’ll let you know in 6 months”).   And we didn’t know that person didn’t already have citizenship until this morning.  And all of the researching and organizing and phonecalls and planning falls on us.  And the whole thing is dependent on a third party, who is impatient, and self-interested, and sometimes volatile.  And we can’t talk to that third party directly.  And the person who can is also sometimes volatile, and prone to despondency and occasional rash ideas.  It’s been a lot of work, and a lot of stress, and sometimes it feels like herding cats, except instead of herding I have to give the cats thousands of dollars and get them to fill out paperwork.

I am leery of saying any more than that here, because I don’t want what I say to be misconstrued.  And I dearly love my mother (she is not at all volatile.  She is made of innocence and rainbows).

Plus, there’s a slim chance that someday they might accidentally find out this blog exists.  And no good can come of cats reading my venting here.

At any rate, I’m just trying to cope at this point.  And hoping very much that this will all be resolved somehow soon.  The rest of my life has sort of been on pause until then.

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3 Responses to “Are you my mom or step-father? You should probably close your eyes, then. This post is broken. It causes blindness. And hives. And it’s full of pictures of regurgitated food. On spiders. Singing Ke$ha songs.”

  1. E. Milo says:

    I am so sorry you are dealing with that stress! I have been fighting with my husband lately and, not that it compares to your situation, but it’s odd to have a blog to vent on, but then not really wanting to vent about CERTAIN things… My blog’s readers are comprised of 95% friends and family ~ that was my point in starting it: to keep them informed ~ but then, of course, some things are not for their eyes… Thinking of you. I kind of feel you are beside me in this journey. Thanks for being there.
    PS: did you read this? CSF

  2. Curiosity says:

    Totally understand. Nobody in my “real life” knows this blog even exists, and I still feel uncomfortable talking about certain things here. :) Sorry you guys are fighting. I know even normal levels of stress and conflict can take a huge toll when combined with the peculiarities of this illness.

    I’m absolutely with you through this as much as I can be. I’ve had replying to your comment about forced rest time, etc. on my to-do list for forever now, by the way. Just got sort of side swiped by the whole situation above and haven’t been able to deal with more than one “work” item at a time. As it is, I may be recovering for a while once this is over.

    By fluke, I did see the Cat Scratch Fever thing, but thanks for pointing it out to me. I’m really hoping that my doctor is willing to give treating it another try if it turns out to still be lingering. I suspect it might be…

  3. I am glad to see that I am not the only person who has to code stuff, just in case the evil ones do happen to read my blog. In my case, it is “She who decided that she is my mother.”

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