Honestly. Right this moment it’s making laps under my wrists. In related news, I think ant poison may be detrimental to self preservation instincts.

The parade of ants across my desk continues.  I broke down and put out ant traps, but now I can’t kill the little buggers because I want them taking their goodies home.  I can deal with a couple ants, but the last time it rained outside, bad things happened on the ant front.  Seriously bad things.  Lately I’ve given up on patience and have been following them around with a trap when I see them, placing it in their path over and over.  I am the desperate stalker of the ant world.  And much like in the real world, very few ants are bottom of the barrel enough to go for it.  One finally did, and now I’m watching it crawl all over my keyboard as I try to type.  Please, ant.  Take the food home.  My “y” key is really not that interesting.  And I need it.  For blogging about yaks.

It could happen.

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