Hello Darkness, my old nemesis

4:50pm.  Half an hour ago, I was considering what else I wanted to do most today.  Doing didn’t seem difficult.  Now, I am exhausted, and activities no longer seem interesting.  Involved activities no longer seem possible.  Frustrating.  When the medication is in my system, I forget how much is truly sucks now when it’s not.  When it’s gone, I forget how truly possible things used to be, and I find myself just wanting time to pass me by so that I can try again tomorrow.

I can easily see why the dopamine reuptake inhibitors can become addictive.  I’m feeling pretty dependent already, and I haven’t even been taking them a week yet.

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  1. susan says:

    Sheesh, what a roller coaster ride. You mentioned in a previous post that there are ways you can up the dopamine levels through diet… is that a cumulative effect, or can you just load up on dopamine laced biscuits in the evenings to help even things out? Or does that still screw with being able to wind down for sleep at night? At what point do you start to feel like a rat in your own experimental trials?

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