In Which I Use Several Links and Some Pudding

So I experienced the first of the return of the Luvox-related fatigue and excessive sleeping yesterday afternoon.  The dream it inspired involved a can of white pudding under my mother’s Christmas tree with a big label across the front that said “YOUR GAY.”  Yes.  Spelled just like that.

Despite its promising beginnings, the end of yesterday was not so much worthy/vital/take-on-the-world as it was zappy/queasy/fall-to-pieces.  I’ll try taking my Luvox chunks in the mornings instead of in the evenings in case it’s working its way out of my system too quickly and that was part of the problem.  There’s definitely something off with my metabolism rate.

Got the last of this round of self-help books in the mail yesterday.  Won’t likely get to it for a while, but I cheated and flipped ahead to the bullet points.  It says that the brain needs sunlight to trigger serotonin production.  Who knew?  This could also explain my grumpy husband with the vitamin D deficiency.  May begin briefly walking together in the mornings once the skies are less grey.  Will definitely try to baste myself with sunlight whenever possible.  At the very least I figure I can roll myself outside and be miserable there.

My family doctor did recommend light therapy at my last appointment.  It’s mostly for seasonal depressives, but it seems to be some help for us regular tenacious year-round saddies as well.  They make special medically-approved light boxes designed to help regulate mood when you sit close to them for 30 minutes to an hour a day.  So far it seems that the only products that aren’t super scamy (there are some guidelines that the things need to meet in order to actually be helpful, and holy crap was there a lot out there that didn’t fit them at all) run around $239 – $269, which is enough that I can’t make a snap decision on it.  Does seem like a very passive way to get better, though.  …Once you discount the minimal risk of  “headaches, eye irritation (itching or stinging), skin irritation, and nausea.”  But hey, nobody’s perfect, and as far as I know at least this one doesn’t come with MISFIRES IN MY BRAIN.  Not that I feel strongly about that or anything.

In conclusion, light good, husband grumpy, pudding may or may not be sexually ambiguous.

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