Defective Yeti’s author took a bit of a hiatus for a while there, but he is back and writing again. And producing characteristically amusing things like this, which just made me laugh out loud in my living room.

In other news, I think I can safely say that our boy-cat has kicked the bout of nightmares he was having for a while there.  Went on for more than a couple weeks, I think, but seems consistently gone now.  Poor thing would be doing that random body part twitch thing that dreaming cats do, and then growl, and startle, and instantly launch his whole body at least a good solid six inches straight into the air.  …Which is made more impressive by the fact that he generally sleeps on his side.

Of course, being the good cat mommy that I am, I was trying to figure out what might have been causing him extra stress or remembered fear.  Being human, it is really hard not to stare incredulously at a cat that propels itself straight up vertically with seemingly no preparation.

Because it’s also freaking cool.

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2 Responses to “Sproing”

  1. IfByYes says:

    When my cat does crazy things like that, I assume he is receiving transmissions from Ceiling Cat.

  2. tammy says:

    I totally expected something dirty in this post…..cats were not what came to mind…

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