About the ‘Brella

Originally this was a platform for keeping track of the medications and alternative treatments I was trying for my depression and my impressions and experiences with them.  Then it also became an outlet for self-analysis.  Now sometimes I draw bad stick figures or post completely non-sequitur pictures of my cats.  You can see how the quality is increasing here.

I don’t seem to be getting all that much healthier yet, but I am definitely getting more random.

We caught up with one participant, who wished to remain completely anonymous.  “It’s like an addiction,” she said while typing up a post for her blog named emotionalumbrella.com, “I can’t form straight lines, but part of me just doesn’t care anymore.”

“I don’t know how much we can do for these bloggers until we understand the problem better,” says Schmultz, “but with all of the pain this causes their readers, we owe it to them to try.”

I am a recovering perfectionist and overachiever.  I am shy on the inside, but like attention.  I get excited by brain-teasers, creative projects, and new experiences.  I talk to my cats.  Myers-Briggs says I’m an INFJ, which pretty much means that by nature I occasionally make bad puns and if you judge them harshly I will totally sense it.

Also, I don’t actually say things like “‘brella”. I have no idea where that came from.

All content is protected by copyright, and is the strict intellectual property of emotionalumbrella.com.  Links are welcome, but if you would like to reproduce something elsewhere, please ask first.  Then I won’t have to use my angry face.

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(I’m looking at you, shifty)

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