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How Ritalin Works Differently On People Who Do Not Have ADD

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

When you have ADD, Ritalin is supposed to sort of “normal out” your brain. Not so for others. Ritalin is a stimulant, like coffee. When you have caffeine, it lights up your whole brain a little brighter for a while. When you take Ritalin, it lights up the part you’re focused on more brightly, and dims down everything else. This is why when people who take it without a prescription for things like study cram sessions (which honestly, from what I’ve read seems like not the best idea) don’t know what they’re doing, they can spend their whole study time with their brain unintentionally fixated on the music they’re playing in the background, and at the end of the night their dopamine reward centres will have helped them decide that they REALLY love that song…but have no idea when the IRS was founded.

I illustrate:

Me: (with a dramatic build-up, signaling that an important conversation is about to begin) So…

Husband: (raises eyebrow) …



Me: (now staring happily but blankly, wondering what activity we should do next)

(The participants in that clip are not actors)

…Okay, so to be honest this isn’t ENTIRELY unlike my normal daily behaviour. I did, in the recent past, immediately get up from my kitchen stool and run to grab the laptop upon realizing that neither I nor my husband could produce a mental picture of a live scallop (he was making scallops as an addition to his half of dinner. …I do not as a rule enjoy eating things that swim.). And, after Google images had put me at ease, was completely boggled at how he could just calmly go about his business when there’s a sea creature out there are HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. It’s like how he can sit there for hours doing other things while an unopened birthday present for him sits on top of our regular mail. Is the man made of iron?

(incidentally, scallops are creepy looking little things. Many, beady little eyes. …Not appetizing)

At any rate, the habit does seem to be rather…emphasized…when the medication’s at its peek.

…What was I writing about?

Hey! Two cats talking!

…Those crazy cats.