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I’m probably more down with KFC. …Or CIBC. …Or maybe the BBC.

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

That’s not true.  It find it totally greasy now.  And salty.  And really kind of gross.  The BBC is okay, though.  Sort of boring sometimes.

It was another largely successful weekend.  I thrive on variety and new experiences, so I always feel more vital and lively when I’m exploring something new.  If it’s not likely to hurt me, and I haven’t done it before, I want to try it.  My husband knows this, which means teasing me often about abandoning poor loyal cucumber (my previous default flavour) in search of new ones. Sometimes, though, it also means he will suggest out of the blue that we go do something just for the sake of doing something different.  And I love him for this.

We explored a different town yesterday.  The vast metropolis of nonvastnonmetropolisville.  We didn’t bring directions, and we didn’t bother to find out what was there.  We just packed up and decided to spend the day.  Part of my wedding speech for my husband involved how much we sincerely look forward to long car trips together, so the fact that it was a bit of a drive wasn’t bad.  I miss getting the chance to just hang out with him.  When we’re laughing and talking and joking together I forget for a while that my chemistry is out of whack.

(As it turns out, nonvastnonmetropolisville is pretty much as exotic as its name might suggest.  It does have a Wal-Mart, and a movie theatre, and a Mexican restaurant that we’d never tried before.  And there were slot machines on the way, so we totally had to go in there.  I had never played on a slot machine before.  Big spender there, me and my five dollar bill.  I know.  But that’s just the kind of rebel I am.)

There were no tears yesterday, nor today, which seems like something that should be a given, but hasn’t been for some time.   We did hit one snag in the evening when I wasn’t up to seeing the movie he wanted to (with the whole reverberating ear thing, I figured that super loud probably wouldn’t be the best idea).  He was totally fine with it, wonderful, and supportive, and not at all upset, but I felt overwhelmingly guilty and worried that I was being selfish (truth be told, it wouldn’t have been my first choice of film).  I feel like I can’t always trust my judgment anymore because I know that it’s sometimes skewed.  So I was a little paralyzed over whether or not we should see the movie anyway.  There was some welling in my eyes, but I think I was really more upset that I was having an issue than about the issue itself.  It sucks to be reminded that everything isn’t well yet.  I am boggled sometimes that I can go from perfectly normal to meltdown within twenty seconds.

Today has been smooth, though.  And there are burritos.  Because we’ve already made tacos, chicken fajitas, and beef fajitas in succession.  But we always seem to have a few ingredients left over, and it would be a shame to let them go to waste, right?  That, and we’re apparently a little obsessed with Mexican food these days.

Also in breaking news, apparently a whole pile of Naughty By Nature tribute sites have just crashed and burned, because as of last Thursday Emotional Umbrella is apparently the place to be if one is looking for “I’m down with OPP.” …Or many poorly spelled or less grammatically correct versions thereof (also “I’m on the OPP,” for folks who like to be different).  A veritable flurry of search hits.  Before last Thursday?  Not a one.

Hello Naughty By Nature folks.  Unfortunately aside from the occasional blasphemy (and monogamous sexual adventures that I don’t write about here) I’m probably not really all that naughty.  Search on, my friends.  Search on.