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Filling in the Gaps

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

In reading another site, it occurred to me that an overview of events thus far might be helpful to have here.  In case people started reading.  And wanted to know what’s gone on.  But don’t want to read all of my archives.  Because they really don’t care what I had for lunch in July.

I’m still boggling over the fact that anybody’s reading this at all, but if you’re interested, there is now a brief overview of the history of all this over at the sidebar. Of course, once I got started writing I got characteristically overzealous, so by “brief” I mean “somewhat less elaborate than writing out a full minute-by-minute transcription of the events in question.” But if you know me at all by now, that shouldn’t come as a shock.

And if you don’t, well there’s this handy overview in the sidebar…