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Poorly Chosen

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

I am endlessly entertained by the spam comments that try to sound like they’re actual interested readers of the blog.  There are a few posts in which I may have actually said something useful, but for some reason those tend not to be the ones that get bombarded with spam.   And lets face it, a lot of what I say here is…how shall we say…not exactly profound.  Half the time, the only reason I vividly remember that a certain post exists at all is the crazy number of comments I have to delete from it.  And sometimes they just match up so amusingly with the entry they’ve chosen to comment on.

Really, interested reader promoting online poker?  You are going to post a link to this post or the one after because you think that they could inspire a very interesting debate and you think that I have a really insightful take on the subject?   Really?

And you think that it would be “more interesting if the author left the Yahoo Messenger” so that you could “discuss this theme more deeply?”

“Pirates of the Carribean is really good. Lol, my little sister is a huge fan”  on this post actually threw me for a loop for a minute before I noticed that the author of the comment was advertising for a company.

Also, “If you are wondering how you can help with this or future events, please contact us .” was exceptionally helpful as a response to this.  I was, in fact, wondering how I could help.

I also got one today that promised to make a Youtube video about my orgasm post.  Heh.  No.  Thanks.

In related news, in re-reading those posts, I realized that I really have now actually posted about yaks.  Eegad.